Ball Wall Rack 600 - Greenish ivory
140,000 KRW
쿠폰 사용시
135,000 KRW

Ball Wall Rack is a simple design wall rack with minimal elements. In the storage space at the top, you can put small items such as keys, and the edge of the shelf is raised to keep the items from falling off. Place small and easy-to-lose necessities on top. Body is made of magnetic material, so you can style it with photos or postcards that you like with magnets. Ball hangers are good for hanging towels in the kitchen or hanging clothes, mufflers, etc. in the living room or the main room. We also have storage space above and below so that there is no restriction on direction. Also, the self can be attached in different directions.

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Greenish ivory


Hook : Chromium metal

Body : Powder coated steel


60cm (W)  X  3cm (D)  X  7cm (H)  

( Excluding hook )


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Ecommerce License 2020-SeoulYongsan-1118

Owner Lee Jooyoung

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